Pierock: Keld-Hilda

Several hundred of the city's older , were lured to the long tables , probably at the memory of previous years' good entertainment and creamy frothy layer cakes , and failed again , they were disappointed. Three-quarter - inch cake dishes spoke their own language at the tables , and so did the welcome to the ever-popular couple Keld & Hilda too.

Who was the most popular, is hard to say. Whether it was the pie , Keld Heick or his always beaming Hilda .

But the good Keld clearly lost some points here and there when he changed identity well into the second set. Not in a creepy mr . Hyde, but to something that someone was worse : rock's first prophet of the 50s , Elvis Presley.

What actually went to the peaceable Mr Heick is not easy to say. But there was so much sensual swing of his hips , the wife Hilda concerned had to ask whether he could keep the pie in it.

He could , but rock classic " Jailhouse Rock " was apparently no room for it flew out of his mouth into a juicy version that could probably get the deceased rock star to rock blessed with skeletal foot.

No doubt that if Keld Heick had a higher consumption of brylcreme and tight leather pants in his youth , he could have ended up among rock icons instead of standing guard on the stilfærdigste Danish cosiness as a second molded garden gnome.

The rocking discharges from the scene were quick power in the House. More mouth fell head over heels down towards the cake plates and a lady's hand against hearing aid clearly demonstrated that she was not prepared for this type of abandon.

Curiously , when the good Elvis actually has reached an age at which he naturally had heard of the hall, where he had been living and the elderly people.

Keld Elvis - øeh , Keld Heick - nevertheless found quickly back on track with a duet on " Youth and love at the village pond" and - vups - corners of his mouth came into place and rocked up and down the river on several tables.

Was Keld Heick for once too much, so it was thankfully no more than that it could be forgotten by taking a piece of cake for .