Personalprejudices: Henrik Leslye

How do you tackle difficult people - eg . the difficult co-worker or parent? According to psychologist Henrik Leslye there are basically three ways to be difficult . Understand Them , one can also better tackle the difficult - and avoid being it!

Do you know the " sticky " mother who flatters you and shrug it off her baby from her ? The tumbling colleague or boss? Or the arrogant scholar father who just knows best ?

There are basically three types of people and thus three ways to be " difficult " on . And the key to addressing challenging is to understand how different people react .

It believes psychologist Henrik Leslye from the consulting firm . Here they have over many years developed a personality understanding which defines three types of "consciousness types " , we all have - to varying degrees. They use include the understanding as they teach people at work in how to handle difficult people.

"We've had 30-35,000 people through this, and it works ," says Henrik Leslye .

The three types are eq'eren ( dominated by emotions) , iq'eren ( intellectual, sense -oriented ) and sq'eren ( the dominant , willed ) . Each type has its strengths , but it also applies to all three , when they become more difficult , they use their talents negative . Eg . sq'erne is very charismatic and good at getting things happen . But if the " overdo " , they may be tumbling and ruthless .

And that's what you have to deal with when you have to have to do with them . Although we mostly see ourselves in one type, however, we are all mixtures , so there are many variations. Eg . you can be 55 per cent . dominated by eq ( ruled by emotions ), 25 per cent . controlled by IQ ( intellect ) and 20 per cent . characterized by sq ( Willpower ) .

"The goal of this example . To become familiar with: " I ​​may not have as much eq , but when I faced a colleague with mental health problems , I turn up the little I har.Og if I only have 5 per cent . eq , it's probably not a social worker, I should be! But I , on the other hand, 100 per cent . eq , I will engage myself too much and burn-out . Then I turn down my eq " .

The others are just different Why do we perceive some people as difficult ? According to Henrik Leslye it is usually because we misunderstand their motives for acting as they do .

" They say " Do unto others as you would have them be unto you. "

No! If we think of others world is like ours , we are just wrong . That , to facilitate us, just to understand that people are quite different in motives and behavior . "

There is no one who by nature are difficult , they are just different from us . And when we understand others' motives , we can guide them back to being a more appropriate version of himself .

" A life free of conflicts are not happy . It is in disagreement that something happens . But it is not good when the differences are fixed . If you understand how the other responds , can help them to become the best version of themselves . In a positive version, the tumbling personal example . Resolute in a good way . ", says Henrik Leslye.